Insurance for the Rheinauhafen Triathlon Cologne

Recompensation insurance for withdrawal from the race:
We have carefully checked our terms & conditions again and revised it for your benefit.
This gives you the opportunity to insure against potential inability to participate.
The following charges apply:
€ 5,- for Rheinauhafen 58er and Rheinauhafen Olympic
€ 4,- for
Rheinauhafen Sprint
€ 3,- for
Rheinauhafen Supersprint distance

This insurance is a supplemental agreement to cover non-participation in the race due to serious illness or circumstances. The insurance shall be taken simultaneously with sending in your application form. Insurance against non-participation is not possible at a later point of time! 
Under this insurance, we offer non-participants the opportunity to start at the same distance in one of the next two years (no additional payment necessary even if the registration fee should rise in the years to come!), if the applicant in question can bring proof of the following reasons making his participation impossible:
1.The applicant is suddenly afflicted with a serious illness
Severe health impairment following an accident or disease, or decease of the registered applicant. A disease or health impairment is considered severe, if it is definitely impeding participation (e. g. fresh bone fractures, different forms of cancer, which have only been diagnosed after application). A common cold and all sorts of influenzal infection, muscular dysbalance and the like are not consider as severe health impairment. 
Psychiatric diseases, that are only detected after application, and that require in-patient treatment and/or treatment by a specialist doctor of psychiatry.

Application for compensation must be accompanied by: Clinical confirmation of in-patient treatment or psychological appraisal composed by a specialist doctor of psychiatry.
2.Pregnancy of an applicant

is a reason for compensation, if pregnancy is only detected after application. If pregnancy was known before the date application it is not accepted as a reason for compensation.

Application for compensation must be accompanied by:
 Copy of an equivalent to the German mother-child booklet (Mutter-Kind-Pass).

3.Decease of relatives or severe health impairment following an accident 
is a reason for compensation, if the applicant’s presence in his or her home town is urgently needed. The term ‚relatives’ includes married partners (or partners in life / cohabitees sharing the same household), children and parents.

Application for compensation must be accompanied by: Medical certificate for the person suffering health impairment.
4.Important damage to applicant’s property

 is a reason for compensation, if the applicant’s presence at his or her place of residence is required due to the consequences of natural disasters / cases of Force majeure (e. g. fires, flooding, earthquakes, thunderstorms, etc.) or due to criminal acts of third parties. 

Application for compensation must be accompanied by: Police report or similar official confirmation of damage including description of the severity of damage. Insurance confirmation of damage.

5.Imperative long-term professional assignment outside applicant’s home country
 is a reason for compensation, if this assignment was not predictable at the date of application.

Application for compensation must be accompanied by: Employer’s confirmation of the date and duration of the assignment; the document must also show when the decision of foreign assignment was taken. 

Compensation in form of a slot in one of the next two years is not possible, if:
• the complete set of verification documents for the insurance of non-participation has not reached Jeschke & Friends Veranstaltungsservice by May 16th, 2014. All applications for deregistration arriving after this date will not be eligible for compensation.
• the medical certificate is older than 2 weeks at the date of deregistration application;
• the medical certificate sent to us is in another language than German or English;
• the medical certificate does not give unambiguous evidence of a severe illness.
• the illness already existed at the date application;
• pregnancy had already been confirmed before the date application;
• there is no proof of in-patient treatment in case of a psychiatric disease;
• the complete set of forms for the insurance of non-participation have not been sent to Jeschke & Friends Veranstaltungsservice witin 10 days;
• the material damage to applicant’s property is not confirmed by a pertinent police report;
• the deregistration form and the medical certificate / employer’s confirmation / police report is illegible.

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