Willpower.Races Club 100

100 exclusive members - Are you in?

You are a small or medium-size company, a start-up or a freelancer? You are interested in sports and health? Than we have a great offer for you: Our Willpower.Races Club 100 is the perfect possibility to introduce your company at our triathlons and multi sport events to a general public with a small advertising budget. Although you receive much more exclusive advantages of the club. This benefits can also be used by employees as commitment in line with health promotion and personnel developement.



Social commitment

You also make a contribution with your membership fee so that we can expand our social commitment. Due to that we can offer the possibility to students, low-paid worker or socially deprived people to get a discount of 50% for a start at our events. Furthermore we are active committed concerning the promotion of young talent. That's why we organise a subsidised kids triathlon at the Rheinauhafen triathlon and at the Carglass Cologne Triathlon Weekend. In addition we still suport local charity projects and donate a part of the club contributions.



Fascination Triathlon

Be a part of a rapid growing movement. Triathlon is a trend sport which fascinates more and more people every year. It is the only club sport in germany with a positive membership growth in a double-digit range. The reasons therefor are simple: Triathlon is more than extreme sport and frontier experience. Triathlon promotes healthiness and motivates athletes with new challenges like no other sports. Give triathlon a try if you only know it from the TV. We offer a guided entrance to a numerous of rookies with our beginner-projects. By the way: all distances are available as relay! That's why the entrance is more simple and also excellent for a team building within a company.




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