Carglass® Cologne Triathlon Weekend

The first weekend of september is for the triathlon! Our multidistance event is with round about 4000 participants the 2nd triathlon in Germany.

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04.-06. September 2015



Cologne 226: 3,8km - 180km - 42,2km

Cologne Hawaii-Special: 3,8km - 180km - 14km

Cologne 226half: 1,9km - 90km - 21,1km

Cologne Olympic: 1,5km - 40km - 10km

Cologne Smart: 0,7km - 24km - 7km

Cologne 226 extreme+: 0,7+3,8km - 24+180km - 7+42,2km

Cologne 226half extreme: 0,7+1,9km - 24+90km - 7+21,1km

Cologne Kids: Kinder-& Schülertriathlon



Swim: Lake "Fühlinger See"

Bike and Run: Lake "Fühlinger See" or Cologne City