Announcement Cologne ETU Aquathlon European Championships

Race Days:

Samstag, 27. Juni 2015


European Triathlon Union

Presented by:

Jeschke & Friends Veranstaltungsservice


Rheinauhafen Cologne


Aquathlon Standard Distance: 2,5km Run - 1km Swim - 2,5km Run

If the water temperature on the Race Day should be below 22°C, the Swim and Run will be excecuted with 1km Swim followed by 5km Run.

Age Restrictions:

16 Years and older (year 1999)

Participation Fee:

Cologne ETU Aqauthlon EM: 

Elite Athletes 30,-€
Agegroup Athletes 65,-€
Para-Athletes 65,-€


Cologne ETU Aquathlon EM: Elite
Cologne ETU Aquathlon EM: Agegroup
Cologne ETU Aquathlon EM: Para-Athletes


The Registration for the European Championship Competition is done in two steps: 
1. Registration at the  Event-Homepage 
2. Registration via national Federation (e.g. for German Athletes at the DTU Homepage). 

Requirements for participation:
To participate as Amateur in international Championships you have to conform to following requirements:
- Posession of valid Federal-Startion-Pass
- Wearing the official Competition suit of the relative federal confederation
- Competition confirmation corresponding federal confedration nomination-criteria

Registration closing date / Registration confirmation:

Registration deadline is the 29th of May 2015 if the particpator limit is not reached earlier. The registration deadline for german athletes was on 01.05.2015 The Participation confirmations will be sent until the 22nd of June 2015 via Mail. Please print those confirmations and bring them to the athletes registration. If you don`t participate, the participation fee won`t be refunded.

Time measurement and analysis:


Chip rental:

Each participant has to rent a Time2Finish Chip for the time of the competition, paying a 5€ rental fee. After finishing the chip has to be given back without demand. The rental fee is included in the participation fee.

Athlete Registration:

Friday, 26. June 2015: 3pm to 5pm
Saturday, 27. June 2015: 11am to 2:30pm

Competition Meeting:

Friday, 26. June 2015: 5pm

The race briefing is obligatoring for the elite athletes!


Total prize money of € 6.000,-  for the first 5 Elite Men and Women. 
Distribution Key:
1. Place € 900,-
2. Place € 750,-
3. Place € 600,-
4. Place € 450,-
5. Place € 300,-


On the evening of the competition day or latest the 1st of June in the internet.

Medical Support:

The medical support during competition is ensured.

Massage Service at finish:

Post-Finish of the Aquathlon the participants can use a free massage service including physiological assistance.

Legal Liability:

Each participant must arrange their own personal insurance coverage. The organizer is not liable for any injury, accidents or bodily and other damage caused.
The organizer reserves the right not to start, to suspend or cancel the contest in a strom/thinder-storms or other unforeseen reasons and / or disasters of. A refund of entry fees in this case is not possible.

Helmets are compulsory on the bike course.
The participant waives its application to any recourse.
Glass objects (especially bottles) are not to be used or transported on the course, including the transition zone.

After the competition, the bikes and removable bags are handed out only by presenting the starting number to staff employed.

Es gelten die ITU Sportordnung und der Antidoping-Code der NADA.

The Competition will be excecuted referring to the ITU Sports Decree and the Anti-Doping code of the NADA. The whole Sports Decree can be downloaded below.

Sportordnung ITU

Antidoping Code NADA


By the city of Cologne.
Approval no. NRWTV: 061-999-2015


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Organization and Information:

Jeschke & Friends Veranstaltungsservice: 
Tel. +49(0)221 29 49 931 
(Mo - Fr, 10.00-18.00 Uhr) 

Uwe Jeschke: 
Mobile: +49(0)172 618 27 22